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Career Portals & Planning

Description: Students will learn about the many career options available so that they can investigate those that will be the best fit for their interests, skills and abilities. The class will discuss transferable skills and employability skills that are needed for most jobs. Students will identify jobs they are currently qualified to fill. They will also develop a resume and application letter based on a specific job description. Educational options beyond high school will be discussed with each individuals educational goals in mind.

Intro to Marketing
CAREER PATH|0.5 Credits

Description: In this class, students will master the basics of marketing, including core concepts of financing, pricing, distribution, and product management. They will learn the basics of economic systems, efficiency and productivity, managing business finances, minimizing risk, and promoting and advertising a business.

Computer Science

ACT Preparation
CAREER PATH|0.5 Credits

Description: Students receive help to prepare for the ACT test by first taking 4 diagnostic tests to determine their current level of competency in the areas on which they will be tested--Math, English, Reading, and Science. After students take the diagnostic tests, the course provides individualized lessons, quizzes, and tests based on what the student needs to learn to help them to well on the actual ACT test. Students work at their own pace and lessons are assigned based on how soon they intend to take the ACT test.

Computer Applications
CAREER PATH|0.5 Credits

Description: In this introductory course, students learn how to use Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2010 to create, analyze, edit, share and publish information for a variety of audiences and purposes. Through step-by-step tutorials and a project-based approach to learning, student become familiar with the key concepts and basic skills of the information technology sector of today. Course is taught in Moodle and not in Brain Honey. Course is available to both MS & HS students.

Computer Science I
CAREER PATH|0.5 Credits

Description: This course introduces students to the basics of Computer Science through a series of projects that allow for creativity and experimentation. Students will create a diverse portfolio of projects using Python, an open-source programming language used by professional programmers worldwide, as they learn about commands and functions, values and variables, GUIs, modular and object-oriented programming, and events and event-driven processes.

Computer Science II
CAREER PATH|0.5 Credits

Description: In part II of this introductory series, students will deepen their knowledge of Python and develop their programming skills through a series of complex programming projects that require creative thinking and problem solving. Topics include arrays and sets, generators and namespaces, loops, packages and libraries, and file handling. Students will also learn to program simple games.

Prerequisites: Computer Science I

Drivers Education

Driver's Education
CAREER PATH|0.5 Credits

Description: This class will satisfy the requirement for the state of Wisconsin's 30 hour classroom requirement needed to take your temporary permit test. In this class, students will learn all about the driving scene and how to navigate it safely. Students need to be 15 years old to take the class.


CAREER PATH|0.5 Credits

Description: Understanding the role of the free press in America helps students to be better informed and more able to analyze media. In this course, students explore the history of journalism in the United States from its inception in the colonies and its key role in the 1st Amendment, all the way up to present-day issues regarding right to know and the changing landscape of journalistic media in the 21st century. Students acquire the skills and information needed to actively participate in the consumption, analysis, and creation of news media and have the opportunity to investigate the constantly evolving career opportunities within the field of journalism.

Prerequisites: Intro to Marketing I

Public Speaking
CAREER PATH|0.5 Credits

Description: Are you interested in becoming a more effective speaker, overcoming shyness, preparing for further schooling or a career, or just learning more about what public speaking is? If so, this course is for you! Learn about the history and elements of public speaking and rhetoric and the practice of public speaking, from research to performance. While this course is heavy on the theoretical aspects of public speaking and will require answering text and discussion questions, it will also involve evaluating actual speeches, working collaboratively, taking part in class presentations, and writing and presenting a speech. A working mic and camera are a must!

Family and Consumer Science

Culinary Arts
CAREER PATH|0.5 Credits

Description: Food is all around uswe are dependent on it and we enjoy it. This course will give you the basic fundamentals to start working in the kitchen and gaining experience as you explore and establish your talents for cooking and preparing food in a creative and safe way. You will learn safety measures as well as enhance your knowledge of various types of foods and spices. If you enjoy hands-on learning and want to deepen your knowledge about culinary arts, this is a great course to start.

Prerequisites: Algebra & Geometry

Foreign Language

World Language Explore with Rosetta Stone
CAREER PATH|0.5 Credits

Description: Students will begin learning the very basics of foreign languages with an interactive Rosetta Stone software program. Students will explore several languages including French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin. Teachers will provide assistance and monitor student progress as they move through the levels of Rosetta Stone.


Money Skills Math
CAREER PATH|0.5 Credits

Description: MoneySKILL is a high school course that covers the content areas of income, expenses, saving and investing, credit, and insurance. It is divided into 36 modules which are previewed and explained by the teacher, after which the student views the material and answers ten content questions on each module. The course ends with a final exam on all 36 lesson modules .


Veterinary Science: The Care of Animals
CAREER PATH|0.5 Credits

Description: Have you always been interested in animals and their behavior? Do you love to spend time at zoos and aquariums, and find animals (and their interactions) fascinating? This course explores the tremendous diversity of animal life and the interconnectedness of different animal species with each other and with humans. The first part of the course explores the classification and characteristics of all the animal phyla, with an emphasis on the evolution of animals and the adaptations that have allowed such diversity to flourish. The second part of the course focuses on many different animal behaviors (including human behavior). We will learn about different types of behaviors—from innate (genetic) behaviors to learned behaviors. The social interactions between animals will be covered in depth as we study courtship, aggression, altruism, and parental behaviors in animals. We will also discuss different careers in the animal sciences as a culminating activity, which should be of great interest to students who wish to pursue their love of animals as their professions. The course will utilize a number of interesting articles, discussions, virtual field trips, activities, videos, and projects to give a wider perspective of the animal kingdom and animal behavior.

Prerequisites: Physical Science & Biology

Social Studies

Human Geography: Our Global Identity
CAREER PATH|0.5 Credits

Description: How do language, religion, and landscape affect the physical environment? How do geography, weather, and location affect customs and lifestyle? Students will explore the diverse ways in which people affect the world around them and how they are affected by their surroundings. Students will discover how ideas spread and cultures form, and learn how beliefs and architecture are part of a larger culture complex. In addition to introducing students to the field of Human Geography, this course will teach students how to analyze humans and their environments

Prerequisites: Algebra & Geometry

Independent Study
CAREER PATH|0.5 Credits

Description: This Independent Study course provides the opportunity for students wishing to work on project based learning. The course will be taught and facilitated by the Principal, Mr. Beesley. Students will be able to meet with the teacher each day in the Mr. Beesley's virtual office.

Vocational Prep

Anatomy & Physiology* MA110
CAREER PATH|0.5 Credits

Description: Globe University Dual Credit Course. Pre-approval needed from iForward & Globe. MA110 Anatomy and Physiology 5 Credits This course is a general introduction to human anatomy and physiology emphasizing structures and functions of various body systems.

Prerequisites: Geometry & Biology

Basic Web Design* WD130
CAREER PATH|0.5 Credits

Description: Globe University Dual Credit Course. Pre-approval needed from iForward & Globe. WD130 Basic Web Design 3 Credits In this course, students write code with the extensible hypertext markup language (XHTML). Students use a text editor and begin with HTML to present and format text, graphics, images, hyperlinks and formelements on a web page. Cascading style sheets (CSS) and XHTML are also covered. Additionally, students learn to validate their markup for correctness and accessibility against the standards and guidelines of the W3C consortium. Students explore and assess websites of corporations, educational institutions and other organizations and write new web pages using existing content.

Prerequisites: Web Design (iForward Course)

Career Pathway Internship
CAREER PATH|0.5 Credits

Description: Available 2nd Semester iForward will work with students who desire to have local internships. This course will be similar to an independent study. More details will be provided by the academic administration upon request of this course.

Prerequisites: Must be a Junior or Senior

Intro to Criminal Justice* CJ100
CAREER PATH|0.5 Credits

Description: Globe University Dual Credit Course. Pre-approval needed from iForward & Globe. This course examines the three main components of criminal justice: policing, judicial and correctional systems. American criminal justice theories are introduced with an emphasis on current practices in community, juvenile and corporate environments.

Prerequisites: US History & Government

Intro to Pharmacology* MT166
CAREER PATH|0.5 Credits

Description: Globe University Dual Credit Course. Pre-approval needed from iForward & Globe. MT166 Introduction to Pharmacology 3 Credits This course is an introduction to the principles of pharmacology and a study of commonly administered drugs, their uses, and their effects on the body. Study also includes drug reference utilization and introduces the student to drug legislation and drug classifications. Terminology and abbreviations related to pharmacology are covered.

Prerequisites: Geometry & Biology & Chemistry

Medical Terminology* MA100
CAREER PATH|0.5 Credits

Description: Globe University Dual Credit Course. Pre-approval needed from iForward & Globe. MA100 Medical Terminology 4 Credits This course is a comprehensive study of terminology used in common medical practice.

Prerequisites: Biology

Veterinary Medical Terminology* VT101
CAREER PATH|0.5 Credits

Description: Globe University Dual Credit Course. Pre-approval needed from iForward & Globe. VT101 Veterinary Medical Terminology 2 Credits Prerequisite: None. This course is designed to help the student gain a working mastery, both verbal and written, of the language of veterinary medicine. The course emphasizes the structure of medical words and the determination of word meanings based on the prefixes, root words, and suffixes found in combination. Emphasis is also placed on directional and descriptive terms.



Exploring Literature
CAREER PATH|0.5 Credits

Description: The objective of this course is to look at different works of literature and beyond each story line in order to explore the deeper meaning of each text. This course will examine literature through different critical approaches and is designed to explore the theories, symbols, and elements of each literary text. Prerequisites: Completion for English I and II.