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Art Around the World
CAREER PATH|0.5 Credits

Description: This course has been especially designed for iForward students in order to offer experiences that will help them to better understand cultures throughout our world. This course will allow them to work collaboratively with other learners that represent the diverse cultures that make up our world. Students who enroll in this class will learn skills in mutual respect while gaining a better understanding of other cultures while respecting varied languages. Learners will gain a valuable awareness by enrolling in Art Around the World as it will enable them to develop a well-informed world view. This course is located in the school's Moodle online program. Directions to access the course will be provided by Mrs. Ihde when the course begins.

MS Orientation to Art 2D
0.5 Credits

Description: Where do superheroes come from? They live in the action-filled pages of comic books. Who gives them their superpowers? It is the creative artist who puts energy and excitement into every drawing. In this course, students learn how to create superheroes and discover the power in their pencils. Students learn the tools, tricks, and techniques of how professional artists create people and objects that leap off the page. Students begin with a sketchbook to learn how to visualize ideas and communicate those ideas using lines, colors, composition, and perspective. The end result is a portfolio original artwork of the students. In this one-segment course, students investigate the creative processes used by all artists; learn how to analyze, interpret, and evaluate art; and create portfolios of work that demonstrate their own skill and creativity as artists. To be successful in the course, students will need access to a scanner or a digital camera and basic art supplies. This course is available for middle school only and does not meet the criteria for a high school course.

Computer Science

MS Business Keyboarding
0.5 Credits

Description: This course provides students with the skills they need to be successful in school and their future careers. The course provides the coaching to become keyboarding masters through the use of specialized downloadable software. Instruction consists of proper keyboarding form, functions of the keys, and how to become an efficient typist without looking at your hands. Students also learn the foundations of word processing, electronic presentations, and the Internet. In addition, students learn soft skills for business applications.


MS Language Arts 1
1.0 Credits

Description: It is time for exploration. In this course, students explore exciting stories, folktales, and heroic adventures from the past and present. The instructor is a guide, while students choose the stories they like best. There are many good places to find interesting stories and courageous heroes. In this course, students read short stories and novels, listen to music, read newspapers, and even interview their parents. Just as important, students learn to create interesting stories of their own. Along the way, students receive information about vocabulary, grammar, and getting the punctuation right. There are also plenty of opportunities for students to use their imaginations and be creative. Good stories and interesting characters are found in every good book, and they can be friends for life of the student. Students might even find they have a few good stories of their own to tell.

MS Language Arts 2
1.0 Credits

Description: Everyone uses words, but some do it better than others. It is how politicians get elected, how stores sell their products, and how people express their feelings. There are techniques and strategies for doing it well, and Language Arts 2 is here to help students do it well too. In this course, students read and listen to the words of other people. They analyze what others are saying and how they are saying it. Students read everything from newspapers to novels. Just as important, they discover their own ability to use words. Students use strategies to create clear and effective written messages, learning how to organize and deliver oral presentations. Throughout the course, they keep a Discovery Log that contains every word they have written. Successful people know what words can do for them. After taking this course, students will too.

MS Language Arts 3
1.0 Credits

Description: Maybe change would not be hard if we knew where it was all going. This course is not about telling fortunes, but it is about seeing how people and ideas have changed. It is also about discovering which ideas have lasting value for each student. Books, poems, and songs are filled with stories about people discovering the world around them and the world inside them. Authors share their reflections about how people respond to changes and challenges. In this course, students encounter the many faces of change. They are also challenged to define and describe their own place in a changing world. The purpose of this course is to give students the tools to understand and express who they are and where they want to go. By the end of the course, each student will have a portfolio of writings which will provide a descriptive self-portrait of a young adult growing up.


Middle School Health


MS Math 6th Grade
1.0 Credits

Description: MS Math 1 is designed to engage students at every turn. Students have opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge of number manipulation by applying it to real world scenarios. The course is packed with games that reinforce and let students practice the skills they learn throughout the course. Tidbits of trivia and activities throughout the course leave students with a smile.

MS Math 7th Grade
1.0 Credits

Description: MS Math 2 is designed to expand student knowledge about transformations of shapes by sliding, flipping, rotating, and enlarging them on the coordinate plane. This course gives students the opportunity to create, investigate, and demonstrate knowledge at both intermediate and advanced levels. Students will be amazed with the skills that they accumulate in completing this course. This course is so full of animations, applications, videos, games, and real-world scenarios, students may think it is the latest video game.

MS Math 8th Grade
1.0 Credits

Description: Students who love playing interactive games will love this course. Students experience intrigue and fun when they log in to MS Math 3. This hands-on course is full of animations, applications, videos, games, and real-world scenarios. The satisfaction students gain from truly understanding higher level concepts such as systems of equations and central tendencies encourages excitement and joy for learning they may have never experienced before .


Music Performance Studio
0.5 Credits

Description: A form of independent study for music. The teachers will facilitate learning, help with goal setting, and reflective journaling of progress throughout course. Pre-approval is needed to take this course.

Physical Education

MS Comprehensive PE 1
0.5 Credits

Description: Each community is full of fitness opportunities that enable students to achieve new levels of fitness through sports, dance, aquatics, and more! This course provides a foundation of knowledge, skills, and values students need to develop a physically active lifestyle. A friendly cast of course characters helps guide and enhance the experience of each student. Knowledge about safety rules for exercise, how to improve sport skills, how different activities target different body parts, and how to set and a goal are all part of student learning and participation. Activity choices are plentiful, leading to a healthy and physically active lifestyle. The Presidential Fitness Challenge encourages students to perform their best with a chance to earn the Presidential Fitness award. Students keep a log of physical fitness activities while they explore topics such as diversity in sports, nutrition, peer pressure, and making good choices. A few PE projects deepen the understanding of individual health and skill-related fitness, and the world as it relates to games and sports. Students choose various activities to reach goals they may have only dreamed about!

MS Comprehensive PE 2
0.5 Credits

Description: Team sports, extreme sports, and outdoor sports are among the types of activities students learn about and participate in during this course! This interactive, highly animated course helps students learn safety rules for exercise, how to improve skills, and how to establish and accomplish goals. It also provides an overview of many dual, team, extreme, and outdoor sports. Students have the opportunity to earn a national award by participating in the Presidential Fitness Challenge. Practicing game strategy to improve the chance of winning in competition, improving sport skill and performance, diversity in sports, nutrition, peer pressure, and making good choices balance out the topics students discover in this course. Fitness logs help students monitor physical activities. Students complete projects that lead to the knowledge, skills, and values they need to implement and maintain a physically active lifestyle.

MS Fitness
0.5 Credits

Description: Students who want to be fit but do not know where to start are invited to join a diverse group of virtual classmates who help with exploring and understanding fitness and health. With the support of these virtual friends, students determine current personal fitness levels and learn to improve those levels. Students also learn safety rules for exercise, how to create equipment from household items, how different activities target different body parts, how to set and reach a goal, and how to be good sports. Students keep a log of physical fitness activities while exploring topics that include diversity in sports, nutrition, peer pressure, and making good choices. Coach Cardio help measures growing fitness levels while students complete their projects. Each PE project leads to improved student understanding of personal skills and the environments in which activities are played.


MS Science 6th Grade
1.0 Credits

Description: Comprehensive Science 1 is the first in a series of three consecutive science classes. This course provides an introduction to science, energy, forces, weather, climate, the systems of Earth, and the living world. Some topics are explored in depth while others are introduced to serve as building blocks for M/J Comprehensive Science 2 and 3. Students explore science through everyday examples and experiences and participate in activities and online laboratory experiences to apply what they have learned.

MS Science 7th Grade
1.0 Credits

Description: Comprehensive Science 2 is the second course in the M/J Comprehensive Science Sequence. In this course, students explore the foundations of science, energy, the features of Earth,the internal and external structures of Earth and how they change, the history of Earth, living things and how they change and interact, genetics and heredity, and the organization of the living world. Some of these topics are introduced and serve as a foundation for MS Comprehensive Science 3, and others are discussed in detail. Students learn through real-world examples and virtually visit six different continents to see science in action all over the world. Students will participate in activities and online laboratory experiences to apply what they have learned.

MS Science 8th Grade
1.0 Credits

Description: Comprehensive Science 3 is the last class of the M/J Comprehensive Science series. The course introduces new information and reviews some basics of science to prepare students for high school science coursework. Topics covered include the nature of science, Earth-space science, properties of matter, changes in matter, matter and energy, and energy flow in the living world. In this course, students learn through real-world examples and applications. Students participate in activities and online laboratory experiences to apply what they have learned.

Social Studies

1.0 Credits

Description: Learning about civics gives students the skills and knowledge necessary to be active citizens who have a positive impact on their communities. In this course, students discover the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in the United States. They learn about the structure of the government and how it works at the local, state, and federal levels. This course examines elections, the lawmaking process, and how citizens can impact public policy. Students also discover ways the United States interacts with countries around the world. Geography and economics support the learning of civics in this course. Engaging in this study prepares students to be informed citizens who are ready to participate in the American democracy!

US History
1.0 Credits

Description: Learning about history allows people to see how far we have come and what awaits us on our path to the future. In this course, students will explore the history of the United States and analyze the cause and effect in historical events. They will investigate history by using the tools of a historian to examine the historical, geographic, political, economic, and sociological events that influenced the development of the United States. Students will imagine what it was like to live in the past by reading the stories from the people who experienced it. This course begins with the engaging stories of what brought the earliest American colonists to the New World and ends with the struggles to repair the United States following the Civil War. Engaging in this study allows students to recognize the themes of history that span across centuries and leads to a greater appreciation of the development of the United States and the resulting impact on world history.

World Geography
1.0 Credits

Description: If the entire world and its people were represented in one theme park, what would the park look like? That is what students in this course learn as they design your own Global Village Theme Park. This is a big project, and park visitors need to have a good time while learning about the world. To do the job right, students must have a solid knowledge of geography. Students start the project by going on a global fact-finding mission. The mission includes Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North and South America, and the countries around the Pacific rim. Students research the cultural and natural landscapes of the regions they visit. Then they design their own theme parks offering a multicultural understanding of the diverse people and places of our world. As modern communications and transportation bring our world closer together, knowledge of geography becomes more important. This course takes students to places around the world for a virtual first-hand look.


Introduction to Graphic Design
0.5 Credits


Graphic Design is all around you from the old t-shirt you pulled out of your drawer this morning to the billboard that was just installed along the highway. In this course you will become the artist who creates these designs. You will have the opportunity to combine art and technology to communicate your own ideas! In this introductory course you will edit images, design logos and even design a poster for your favorite band while learning to recognize the effects that design has on our society. Learn fundamental skills of graphic design while making personal choices that are sure to enhance other areas of your learning and your life. This course is written for both middle school and high school students so that students at both levels of learning will exceed. C2C lessons* will address similar standards but will allow several pathways for iForward students to arrive at an understanding of these standards based on the students' interests and readiness. Students will find that the expectations will be different for middle school students and high school students.

Course Objectives:

  • Students will demonstrate the difference between elements and principles of art.
  • Students will communicate their personal ideas through art and design.
  • Students will understand the techniques and processes that improve communication through art and technology.
  • Students will know and select the elements and principles of design to improve the communication of their ideas.
  • Students will recognize and reflect on the effects of their designs and the designs of others.
  • Students will learn to make connections between digital media and contemporary culture.
  • Students will make connections between their own graphic art design and life experiences.
  • Students will reflect on the quality and effectiveness of their own design and the designs of others through critiques.

Course Materials: iForward issued computer. GIMP (free download).
Access to original photo images
*Students must attend all weekly live lessons, or view recordings, to succeed in this course.

Foreign Language

Spanish Beginner
1.0 Credits

Description: In this course, students take a virtual tour of Spain. Of course, the visit will be more enjoyable if the students know what the people around them are saying. No need to worry, this course provides basic vocabulary, keeps students from getting lost, and helps them make some new Spanish friends. Students learn to ask for directions, order food in a restaurant, and talk about the weather, all without being embarrassed by their accents. New words and phrases are introduced with text, pictures, and audio clips that demonstrate proper pronunciation. Students acquire skills to read, write, and speak basic Spanish. Students also learn the basic Spanish grammar that will make their sentences come out right. Do not leave home without MS Spanish Beginning. This course gives students the ability to enjoy their trip to Spain and to soak up some of the local culture during their virtual tour.

Spanish Intermediate
1.0 Credits

Description: For this course, our student traveler, Cristina, will be taking you on a journey to Spain, Puerto Rico, Colombia, and Argentina. She will share her experiences with you as she learns about the different cultures of each of these Spanish speaking countries. As you explore each country with Cristina, you will learn how to speak Spanish in many practical and useful situations that will apply to your everyday environment. You will learn how to greet people, introduce yourself, speak about your family, your home, food, sports, weather and your likes and dislikes. New words and phrases will be introduced with pictures, audio clips, videos, and examples. You will learn basic Spanish grammar to help you form sentences correctly, build your fluency, and provide you with a more thorough understanding of the Spanish language. There will be many opportunities to practice what you learn through interactive activities in the form of games and written, listening, and speaking exercises. Learning about other cultures and appreciating their differences is also an important part of this course. You will learn about foods, shopping patterns, meal times, music, homes, and celebrations in different Spanish speaking countries. As you explore with Cristina, you will begin to appreciate and understand the diversity of the Spanish speaking world. Enjoy your journey with Cristina and share your experiences and everything you learn with your family and friends!

World Language Explore with Rosetta Stone
1.0 Credits

Description: Students will begin learning the very basics of foreign languages with an interactive Rosetta Stone software program. Students will explore several languages including French, German, Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin. Teachers will provide assistance and monitor student progress as they move through the levels of Rosetta Stone.