Middle School Courses

Language Arts


MS Language Arts I
1.00 Credit

Everyone uses words, but some do it better than others. It is how politicians get elected, how stores sell their products, and how people express their feelings. There are techniques and strategies for doing it well, and Language Arts 2 is here to help students do it well too. In this course, students read and listen to the words of other people. They analyze what others are saying and how they are saying it. Students read everything from newspapers to novels. Just as important, they discover their own ability to use words. Students use strategies to create clear and effective written messages, learning how to organize and deliver oral presentations. Throughout the course, they keep a Discovery Log that contains every word they have written. Successful people know what words can do for them. After taking this course, students will too.

MS Language Arts II: A Time For Discovery

Using the theme of A Time For Discovery, Language Arts 2 students, designed for the middle school, will learn and use the writing process to communicate ideas and respond critically to visual, oral, and written texts.

In this course, students enhance their reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing skills through exploration and investigation of fiction, nonfiction, short fiction, cultural studies, self-discovery, and character education. Through a varied list of learning experiences, students will have the opportunity to explore a wide range of literary, informational, and technical texts.

MS Foundational Language Arts

Special Education English for students on an IEP.

MS Reading Lab

For student who want a little more help in Language Arts.



MS Math 6th Grade
1.00 Credit

MS Math 6th Grade is designed to engage students at every turn. Students have opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge of number manipulation by applying it to real world scenarios. The course is packed with games that reinforce and let students practice the skills they learn throughout the course. Tidbits of trivia and activities throughout the course leave students with a smile.

MS Math 7th Grade
1.00 Credit

MS Math 7th Grade is designed to expand student knowledge about transformations of shapes by sliding, flipping, rotating, and enlarging them on the coordinate plane. This course gives students the opportunity to create, investigate, and demonstrate knowledge at both intermediate and advanced levels. Students will be amazed with the skills that they accumulate in completing this course. This course is so full of animations, applications, videos, games, and real-world scenarios, students may think it is the latest video game.

MS Math 8th Grade
1.00 Credit

Students who love playing interactive games will love this course. Students experience intrigue and fun when they log in to MS Math 8th Grade. This hands-on course is full of animations, applications, videos, games, and real-world scenarios. The satisfaction students gain from truly understanding higher level concepts such as systems of equations and central tendencies encourages excitement and joy for learning they may have never experienced before.

MS Pre Algebra

More advanced than 8th grade math

MS Algebra

Not quite up to what is in High School Algebra, but will definitely get students ready for it.

High School Algebra
1.00 Credit

For very advanced students, there is the option to begin taking high school courses for credit if your teacher and the principal approve the request.

MS Math Lab

For students who need a little additional help with math.

MS Foundational Math

Special Education Math for students on an IEP.


Art and Music Electives

MS Art Around the World
a list of materials will be available within the class

This course has been especially designed for iForward students in order to offer experiences that will help them better understand cultures throughout our world. This course allows students to work collaboratively with other learners that represent the diverse cultures that make up our incredible planet. Students who enroll in this class will learn skills in mutual respect while gaining a better understanding of other cultures and building respect for varied languages. Learners will gain a valuable awareness by enrolling in Art Around the World as it will enable them to develop a well-informed world view through producing arts and crafts from a variety of different cultures.
This course is written for both middle school and high school students so that students at both levels of learning will succeed. Lessons will address similar standards but will allow several pathways for iForward students.

MS C2C Graphic Design

Graphic Design is all around you from the old shirt you pulled out of your dresser this morning to the billboard that was just put up along the highway. In this course, you will become the artist that creates these designs! You will have the opportunity to combine both Art and Technology to communicate your own ideas!
In this introductory course you will edit images, design logos, and even design a poster for your favorite band while learning to recognize the effects that design has on our society. Learn fundamental skills of graphic design while making choices that are sure to enhance other areas of your learning and your life.
This course is written for both middle school and high school students so that students at both levels of learning will succeed. Lessons will address similar standards but will allow several pathways for iForward students.

MS Art is for Everyone

Would you love to take an art course but feel that you may not be artistic enough? Well, this is the class for you! This exciting project based course helps students understand that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Students learn to accept the fact that the people we meet will often have a difference of opinion and that fact truly will enrich your life. When this course is completed you probably won’t be a famous artist. However, this course will offer you many opportunities for self-expression. You will increase your potential for creative thinking while you are exposed to a number of careers where art skills are valued. (there are a short list of materials that you might need inside the course. ) Students who enroll in this course will gain a deeper respect for all that is beautiful while understanding that there are countless careers, that you can choose from, where creative thinking and art talent are valued.

MS Cell Phone Photography
Students will need a cell phone camera or an ipod or ipad camera for this course.

We carry our cell phones everywhere we go and most of them have a built in camera feature that allows us to take instant images of our life as it happens.. This class will explore the cell phone as an instant, and available, medium in the art of digital photography. Instruction will expose students to a whole new art form through their cell phone photography. Using cell phone camera as the equipment of choice ,along with photo editing programs, students will create unique images based on their everyday lives that will be presented as an artistic visual diary. Students’ skills will be fine-tuned with a better understanding of successful compositions in photographic design. Learners will apply new knowledge and skills to photo retouching and manipulation and using images shot with their personal cell phones. Become part of this emerging media in the area of photography. Enroll in, “ The Artistic Side of Cell Phone Photography!”

MS Art 2D (2 Dimensional Art)
Students will need access to a scanner or a digital camera for submitting work for this course. In addition, students will need to use some basic art supplies.

Where do super heroes come from? They live in the action-filled pages of comic books. Who gives them their super powers? It’s the creative artist who puts energy and excitement into every drawing. You too can create your own super heroes, and discover the power you hold in your pencil. Using the tools, tricks and techniques of professional artists, you’ll create people and objects that leap off the page. You’ll start with your sketchbook, and put down your ideas and impressions. You’ll develop those ideas by using lines, colors, composition and perspective. You’ll finish with a collection of original artwork that tells the story your way.

In this course you’ll experience the creative processes used by all artists. You’ll learn how to analyze, interpret and evaluate art. But most of all, you’ll have a portfolio of work that demonstrates your own skill and creativity as an artist.

MS Independent Study Visual Arts
Students who wish to enroll in this course will have to have successfully completed an art course with a grade of B or higher.

This is a unique independent stady art course that is set aside for students who have artistic talent and a deep interest in any area of the visual arts. Students who enroll in this course often have the high potential of going into a career in the area of visual arts in the future. Students who wish to enroll in this course will have to have successfully completed an art course with a grade of B or higher. This class will allow students to focus on an area of visual arts that they are passionate about. Learners in this course will design their own course by writing their own short and long term goals and meeting them independently with minimal guidance from their instructor. Students must be committed to daily live lessons! Learners will be highly organized and dedicated to the value of visual arts in their lives and will have to create a blog (or other social media format) where their work can be displayed and shared. Please contact your student guidance counselor to find out if you are a good candidate for this original course.

Business and Computer Science

Career and Vocational Educaction

MS Choose Your Adventure- Hands On!

Are you ready to step away from the computer and learn through projects? Would you like to opportunity chose from over 100 activities to learn more about skills needed for possible future careers? You can choose from activities in many areas: biology, astronomy, cartoonist, dancer, jewelry designer, mechanic, make-up artist, musician, potter, physicist, transport engineer, veterinarian, and many, many more. If you have wanted to explore a new area or develop a skill, this class is for you. Step away from your computer for a little while and learn vocational skills through hands-on activities.

General Electives

MS Pet Care

Learning how to take care of pets

MS Cooking
You will need an adult who is willing to supervise you in the kitchen to help monitor kitchen safety practices.

What is your favorite food? Have you had a chance to prepare it yourself? This class is for those students who have never cooked and for those who are up and coming chefs with lots of experience. We will learn safety in the kitchen and cooking and baking techniques. You will have the opportunity to create many delicious foods and try recipes of your choice. Complete your course schedule by enrolling in this tasty class.

Health and Physical Education