Frequently Asked Questions

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Is iForward really tuition-free?

Yes. We're a public charter school, and that makes attendance free of charge for all WI age-appropriate students. We may even reimburse some Internet expenses for qualifying families.

Who is eligible to attend iForward?

iForward is for Wisconsin residents who meet the legal age limits for grades 6-12 established by state law. These are the same statutory requirements that govern all of Wisconsin's public middle and high schools.

I'm not a Wisconsin resident. Can I attend?

Sorry. Only Wisconsin residents are able to open enroll to iForward.

Can students with special needs or an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) enroll?

Absolutely. A number of our students have Individualized Education Plans. IEP students are assigned a special education teacher. They'll work with your family to help you decide if an online learning environment is best for you. IEP students who choose iForward have plenty of opportunities to work with both general education and special education teachers.

Can I attend part-time?

Yes. Students are able to attend through part-time open enrollment.

What is open enrollment?

Wisconsin's interdistrict public school open enrollment program allows students to attend school districts other than the one in which they live. Without this free application, you won't have the option to attend iForward or any other public online school in the fall.

An open enrollment application isn't a commitment. You're not promising to attend iForward. You're simply getting permission to attend whichever Wisconsin school you want. In fact, applications may be submitted to three different school districts.

When can I enroll in iForward?

Open enrollment for Wisconsin's 2016-2017 school year begins February 1, 2016 and ends at 4 p.m. on April 30, 2016. You can apply online

Say I complete my open enrollment application. What do I do next?

If you apply online, you'll receive a confirmation code when your application is complete. Hold onto it. An iForward enrollment specialist will contact you in a few days to explain what happens next.

When does school start?

iForward generally follows traditional public school schedules. Expect classes to begin on September 1st and run through the first week of June. Visit as the new school year approaches for specific dates.

Do students have to start in a specific grade?

No. An iForward guidance counselor will review your school transcripts to determine the appropriate grade level for you. If you have concerns, please contact an iForward counselor.

Does iForward have summer school?

iForward offers a good number of summer school courses to returning students.

Can iForward students take summer school elsewhere?

iForward students may attend summer school in the Grantsburg School District (or in their resident district the summer after open enrollment) without terminating their open enrollment status.

How do credits transfer?

Governed by the Grantsburg School District, iForward is a public online high school. That means a transcript from iForward is as transferable-and as widely accepted-as a transcript from any traditional public middle or high school in Wisconsin. As long as credits are earned appropriately, iForward will issue a transcript that can transfer to other institutions.