Your goals. Your learning style. Your needs met. It's our commitment to provide a truly individualized learning experience—one that delivers exceptional support and prepares students to succeed well after their graduation day—that sets us apart.

Take a closer look at all the ways we're putting iForward students first.

Active, available support.

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Students follow their own path at iForward, but no student is ever all on their own. Our guidance counselors are there to help students select courses based on long-term goals and keep them firmly on track all year long.

There are live lessons each week where students can interact in real time with their teacher and classmates. Teachers also host online office hours so that students can get one-on-one help. And instructors keep that contact up via email, instant messaging and phone.

iForward also supports parents with frequent reports and a personal login that lets them check their student's progress whenever it's convenient for them.

A personalized education.

It's about flexibility for the life you have now and preparing for the one you want tomorrow.

iForward gives students a solid academic foundation and a real plan for their future. Students can combine their core academics with college and vocational prep courses organized by career cluster.

Like all schools, there are accommodations for students with special needs, and we offer advanced placement and honors programs for middle and high school students who need the extra challenge.

Our students can even study the exact same class in completely different ways. That's because we cater course materials to your learning style, whether you need visuals, like lectures or prefer hands-on experiences.

21st century readiness.

We're always working to prepare our students for tomorrow. Virtual classrooms are becoming commonplace in universities and technical colleges nationwide. They're also an important training tool among Wisconsin's largest and most progressive employers.

iForward partners with organizations around the state to create a challenging, career-focused curriculum. That way, you can pursue your dreams earlier and gain an education that will stay relevant longer.