without all of the distractions

There are plenty of reasons to consider an online education. Like leaving "the drama" of traditional high school behind. Or having the flexibility to juggle school with work or travel, an intense athletics schedule or medical needs. Maybe you just like the extras: the personal attention, challenging coursework and unique career prep offerings that focus you forward.

What makes a great iForward student?


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Our best students are self-motivated. iForward offers a safe, supportive, exciting place to learn. But the commitment it takes to study and succeed? That's still up to you. We'll help you prioritize tasks and develop the time management skills you'll need to thrive here ... and anywhere else.

Graduation can sometimes feel pretty far away. Just remember that your teachers and guidance counselor are always there to help you stay focused.


Most of our courses are estimated to take approximately five hours per week of study time. This includes the reading and typing assignments, live lessons and discussion threads. Some students may put in a little more each day; others, a little less.

Find the study times and places that work best for you—whether that means parking yourself at the kitchen table or heading off to a coffee shop. Good study habits will see you through the toughest courses. And 24/7 access to learning materials and tutoring mean you'll always have help earning those A's.


Will it be culinary school? An ivy-covered campus? Military service or life as a mad scientist? Now's the time to start thinking about the kind of future you want. Because at iForward, there are people ready to help you make it happen.

Students can start earning college credits while they're still in high school. There are clustered course offerings to guide you along common career paths, such as healthcare, business and information technology. Plus, our diverse selection of electives can help you discover your passion.