iForward Benefits

College Prep Classes

Our online charter school offers Wisconsin students courses that range from Foundations to AP, including Youth Options classes where students can take college-level classes to earn both high school and college credit at the same time. Our extensive course catalog gives each and every student the opportunity to build a personalized path to graduation that is both enjoyable and academically top-notch.

Response Program

Getting a high school diploma online requires that each student has access to a working computer and reliable internet connection. If you don't already have a computer, we can issue you a laptop at no cost to be used throughout your iForward education - just make sure to enroll before the 3rd quarter begins in January. iForward will even reimburse some Internet costs for qualifying families to help achieve the best possible online learning experience. And, if you run into a technical problems, we have great people to help!

No High GPA Required

Whether you are a high achiever, need extra help, or have other special circumstances that brought you to our website today, we hope to accommodate your needs. As one of Wisconsin's first and longest-lived online charter schools, our staff have the skills and experience to help you take your academic performance to the next level.

Block/Quarter Schedule

We find that students achieve better results when they concentrate on 3 or 4 classes per quarter instead of 6 to 8 for an entire semester. This approach results in a more focused learning experience that allows our virtual learners to dive deeper into their classes and uncover new interests along the way.

Summer School Classes

At iForward, our students can enjoy our beautiful Wisconsin summers and keep working towards that diploma at the same time! We offer a 4-week summer session for our online high school and middle school students.

One On One Support

"Online education" does not have to mean "on-your-own education". At iForward, students have the option to receive extra help from our teachers and staff in response to their needs. We take great care to provide a teaching staff who will be invested in the success of each and every student.

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone here that helped me in this wonderful school. If it wasn't for the overwhelming support and encouragment, (far exceeding what you should have), I wouldn't have been on that stage graduating this year. This was my last chance to finish, and I put everything into it to do just that. I also want to thank my dad for reminding me to "Never never never give up" and the daily reminders and encouragement that you gave me, as well as the help with assignments, even when it was late at night.

It was hard to hold back those tears on that day, because I honestly did not know that I was going to make it. Many time was I feeling discouraged, and I didn't always pass my classes. But that never made any of you treat me any differently, and you all continued to back me up and cheer me forward along the way. That is what makes this school one of THE very best. And I will never forget the efforts and time you all dedicated just for me. And I want to thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much.

Sarah H