Thinking of Online School? 2018 iForward Grads Have Advice to Share!

Making the transition from a traditional, brick-and-mortar public school to an online charter school like iForward can seem like a big leap.  Taking classes online might seem...

Student Stories - Riley

Students decide to enroll in an online charter school for many reasons, come from a diversity of backgrounds, and have all sorts of special interests and skills.  In this video, Riley, a...

3 Advantages to Enrolling in Summer

July is upon us, and summer is in full swing!  We know that whether you're a student or a parent, you've probably got a lot going on: summer sports, time spent with friends,...

iForward Students Blast Off for an Out-of-This-World Experience!

At iForward, we take great pride in giving our online high school and middle school students unique, exciting, and challenging opportunities to learn, develop and grow. 

During the...


Here's a great article out of Kansas City about one of the platforms iForward uses called Acellus:

Science Cell Project Report by Stella B.

I had a lot of fun creating this project. My favorite thing to do in public school was make elaborate projects.

Madeline - iForward student

Hello! My name is Madeline Zittlow. I’m in the 9th grade and this is my first year at iForward. I’m in a few clubs and am an active member of the Student Council. I also have a job at the school....

What's iForward like?


I am Margery Quade; I am an 11th grader at iForward. I started iForward my 7th-grade year. That was the first year that they offered a middle school. I am in seven clubs at...

Ask your questions here

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School Supplies

A few days ago I went to Wal-Mart to see that school supplies and lists were out. It is crazy to think that it is that time of year again. Going to an online school you don't need many...