Apply to iForward

Fall 2024 applications will re-open on July 1st.  In the meantime, please call us for information and download our 2024-25 enrollment guide.


Starting in July, you'll find the 2024-25 application on this page, along with the district registration form.  Simply download both forms and return them to our team.


If you have any questions about applying to iForward, contact any one of our enrollment team members listed below.  We love helping new families navigate this process as their students look toward a bright future in online learning.  See you soon!


Vicky - Open Enrollment Coordinator - Vicky.Diffee [at] (Vicky[dot]Diffee[at]iforwardwisconsin[dot]com)715-463-4905

Becky - Open Enrollment Assistant – Becky.Weiss [at] (Becky[dot]Weiss[at]iforwardwisconsin[dot]com), 715-431-1119

Jennifer - Student Services - Jennifer.Michel [at] (Jennifer[dot]Michel[at]iforwardwisconsin[dot]com), 715-463-4900


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