How It Works - Online School Basics



Getting your education online will feel a lot like attending a traditional school—with one big difference. At iForward, you have live online classes at specific times while maintaining the flexibility to study and do homework at the time and place of your choice.

Before you start - Enrolling at iForward

The first step towards enrolling at iForward is to contact us and apply! Visit our Apply Now page for application forms and instructions to help the enrollment process go quickly and smoothly. Fill out the forms, send them in with your transcript, and you'll be on your way.

You will also find emails to contact iForward staff members if you have questions about how to become a student at our online high school or middle school.

Preparing for the first day

Before your first semester begins, your dedicated school counselor and student adviser will review your transcripts and talk with you about your academic goals and learning style. Together, you will choose online classes that match your strengths and aspirations while meeting Wisconsin state graduation requirements. This process is designed to ensure your online school transition is seamless and successful.

Tech help and internet assistance

Access to a working computer and a reliable internet connection are key to a successful online learning experience. If you don't have a computer, we can issue you a free laptop to use throughout your iForward education. 

The online classroom

You will attend exciting live lessons daily with real, live teachers and classmates! iForward uses the latest web conferencing technology so that our Wisconsin online students can actively participate. You'll be able to see presentations, watch videos, follow lab demonstrations, raise your virtual hand to answer questions, and work directly with your teachers and fellow peers.

What if you miss a class unexpectedly? Because iForward is an online high school, every live class is recorded, and your teachers will work with you to ensure you don't fall behind.

Homework, attendance, and due dates

Just like a traditional school, your online high school, middle school, or elementary education at iForward means plenty of reading and writing assignments, projects, quizzes, and tests. You will be responsible for logging into your virtual classrooms at set times according to your class schedule. 

Unlike traditional schools, however, everything you need to study and be successful at taking classes online is available 24/7. Additional help online, such as video simulations, discussion boards, and blogs, is always available to you. This is beneficial so you can learn at your pace, when and where it works for you.

In our 14+ years of experience, we have found that due dates and deadlines help students stay on track in the online school environment and avoid end-of-the-quarter cramming and stress. These target dates may be somewhat flexible. Together, you and your teacher will find the schedule that works best for you. Juniors and Seniors will have more specific and rigid deadlines as they come closer to high school graduation.

If you have any questions about our homework and attendance policies, give us a call or check out our Student Handbook.

Extracurriculars & Social Events

Many students and parents wonder if online classes can provide enough opportunities for social interaction. Don't worry - even though iForward is a free online public school, we know there's more to school than just taking classes.

Your online school experience at iForward will include field trips, social events, and plenty of student groups and clubs to choose from. You can join the Drama Club, Art Club, Stock Market Club, Photography Club, or become a member of the National Honor Society. There are options to serve on our Student Council or take an active role on the Newspaper or Broadcasting staff. You can even run for Class President!  

Building meaningful friendships is an important part of a student's development, and that doesn't change with online school. That's why we also host activities in different parts of Wisconsin to bring our students together. Noah's Ark Water Park, Brewers' Game including the famous Principal's Tailgate Party, Spring Prom, and the occasional pizza party—you'll always find something fun on the calendar.


iForward is a Wisconsin online K-12 school chartered through the Grantsburg School District, so your diploma will be the same as any other public high school student. 

We hold a graduation ceremony each year so that your family and friends can watch and celebrate as you walk across the stage to accept your high school diploma. This celebration of your achievement is usually held in a central Wisconsin location and, for the past several years, has taken place at the beautiful Monona Terrace in Madison. Our graduates have class pictures and graduation family photos with the Wisconsin State Capitol in the background.

Do you still have questions about the basics of online high school? Check out our FAQs page.