iForward Online

Elementary School

iForward online elementary school creates an environment that encourages, engages and helps all students succeed. We provide a diverse curriculum that appeals to every learner and assess academic strengths to build individualized learning plans based on students goals and interests.

Course Catalog

  • Essentials. iForward has a well-rounded curriculum. Our core courses help students nail the essentials of language, math, the sciences, and social studies, while improving skills like reading comprehension and problem-solving.

  • Personalized Learning. Our elementary students have a variety of opportunities to excel in learning through personalized programs. With work time built-in, our staff can work with students at any level.

  • Specials. iForward elementary students take specials such as physical education, art, music, technology education, spanish, and guidance. 


An Example of a Typical School Day

Grades 1-5

"Love the caring staff at iForward. Our two boys were struggling in the traditional school system, but at iForward Online Charter School they have both found success, and love it!!!" 

--Deborah, iForward parent

Our Teaching Staff

  • iForward  teachers are highly qualified, passionate educators. Each of our teachers are carefully selected and licensed to teach in Wisconsin.

  • Our instructors lead classes only in their area of expertise.

  • We are providing the highest standard of education you will find, online or off, because our students deserve it.

What's New for Students & Parents?

March 17, 2021
Hello students and parents! If you’re reading this, you’re clearly interested in learning a little bit about iForward’s teachers and staff. That is a great thing to be thinking about before you enroll...