Over a decade of excellence in online education

​As of the 2022-2023 school year, there were 61 virtual charter schools operating across the state of Wisconsin.  That's a lot of options for online schooling.  iForward has stood the test of time since our inception in 2007, making us one of Wisconsin's longest-lived online schools.  Over those 17 years, we have navigated just about every situation you can imagine, which means you can rest assured that we have the experience and expertise to help your student reach his or her high school diploma. 

For the past five years, iForward participated in the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program, which allowed our students to design and execute amazing science projects.  One group from iForward had the distinct honor of having their project sent aboard the International Space Station (you can read about that here).  By pursuing educational experiences that go above and beyond, we give our students opportunities to achieve truly incredible things, and we couldn't be more proud of them!


Individualized learning plans 

The ideal learning plan is different for every student.  iForward's course catalog is filled with elective and AP classes so that each student can build a path to graduation that not only meets Wisconsin state requirements but also is tailored to their own interests and needs. 

Each high school, middle school, and elementary school student will be paired with an iForward guidance counselor, who will assist in constructing an online class schedule that is as unique to them as possible while meeting those Wisconsin state requirements.

College and career prep

​Whether it is a 2-year or 4-year college, a vocational program, or a transition straight into the workforce, we want every student in our online high school to feel confident and prepared as they approach graduation.  We make college prep and AP courses available to all iForward students. 

In addition, iForward has developed a comprehensive Academic and Career Planning (ACP) program.  Beginning in grade 8, iForward students will have opportunities to identify their strengths and interest, including workshops, special classes, and more.  iForward seniors will even develop an education/career plan for up to five years post-graduation.  Check out iForward's ACP Plan to learn more.

Engaging live classes and one-on-one instruction

iForward students take live elementary school, middle school, high school, and college prep classes from teachers who truly love what they do.  Our online classes use high-definition video to allow for face-to-face, personal interaction between teachers and students, as well as other interactive components that allow students to raise their (virtual) hand and ask questions in real-time.  Plus, class sessions are recorded to allow students to go back and re-watch them at their own pace.

Ongoing progress updates help students stay on top of their game.

​Taking online classes is a big change for many students who might not be used to managing their own time throughout the day.  We take a proactive approach to ensure that students understand what is expected of them and know where they stand - we don't want any student to fall behind.  In addition, parent-teacher conferences take place each semester to help facilitate parent involvement.

iForward is completely tuition-free!

Economic challenges should never stand in the way of a quality education for each and every student.  iForward is an entirely tuition-free online public school, providing an excellent option for online education for students in grades K-12 all across Wisconsin, regardless of income level. 

We will even provide a laptop for your student to use at no cost, along with stipends to compensate internet costs for qualifying families.  Plus, iForward is a non-profit, public online school, meaning we don't have any hidden fees or costs to pass on to you.

We offer engaging clubs for many areas of interest.

From art club, to running club, to the stock market club, to the creative photography club, to Student Council, to National Honor Society, iForward has an extracurricular activity for just about everyone.  We think it's important to give our online high school and middle school students opportunities outside of the classroom to explore their interests and discover new ones!

Frequent iForward gatherings allow students to build real, lasting relationships.

Many students and parents who are considering online high school or middle school have concerns about whether a virtual school can provide sufficient opportunities for students to make friends and build critical social skills.  iForward students have frequent chances to get together and build relationships year-round at events held all over Wisconsin - from prom, Milwaukee Brewers games, to summer trips at the Wisconsin Dells, and more.

Exceptional & devoted staff - we love our students!

Every teacher at our online school is fully licensed in Wisconsin and only teaches classes in his or her field of expertise.  More than that, we care deeply about our students.  We frequently hear from students and parents telling us how a teacher went the extra mile to make sure a student got the help he or she needed.