Our Curriculum



Can an online high school create an environment that encourages, engages and helps you succeed? Can virtual learning provide a diverse curriculum that appeals to every kind of learner? Every student deserves it, and iForward students actually get it. Our guidance counselors work one-on-one with each and every student to carefully assess their academic strengths and guide them in building an individualized learning plan based on their goals and interests.

Incredible teachers

Our teachers are highly qualified, passionate educators. Each of our teachers are carefully selected and licensed to teach in Wisconsin, although they don't all live in Wisconsin.  That is because iForward hires and trains the best teachers, not just the best teachers nearby.

Unlike many other online or brick and mortar schools, our instructors lead classes only in their area of expertise. In turn, we are providing the highest standard of education you will find, online or off, because our students deserve it.  You can get to know our teachers, or even contact them, here.

A robust curriculum

Essentials. iForward has a well-rounded curriculum. Our core courses help students nail the essentials of language, math, the sciences, and social studies, while improving skills like reading comprehension and problem solving.

Specialized coursework and career planning. iForward offers vocational and college prep classes, honors and advanced placement courses, and career clusters to help students prepare for their future.

iForward is deeply committed to Wisconsin's Academic and Career Planning (ACP) initiative and makes sure that our students are encouraged and supported in identifying their interests and strengths.  From career planning conferences, to Life Skills and Career Matchmaker courses, to Financial Aid seminars, our students leave iForward thoroughly prepared to take the next step that is best for them.  You can view iForward's ACP plan for more details.

Exceptional Electives. iForward's course catalog is filled with unique offerings that allow each of our online learners to personalize their education, pursue their interests, and uncover new passions. Courses that encourage students to explore include critical thinking and parenting, poetry, anatomy, computer science and many others. 

A respected program

Our online program is widely respected, and the Grantsburg School District has been nationally recognized for academic excellence. A transcript from iForward is as transferable—and as widely accepted—as a transcript from any traditional public middle or high school in Wisconsin.

We are Wisconsin's best tuition-free, public online high school and middle school. You will graduate with a diploma that can take you anywhere: Wisconsin state universities, private institutions, leading technical and vocational programs, and Ivy League colleges throughout the nation.​



Note: Course offerings are at the discretion of the Grantsburg School District. Availability is not guaranteed, and offerings may change over time as we assess the needs of our student body.