Online High School and Middle School Testimonials


At iForward, we strive to provide a virtual learning environment for our online high school and middle school students that is second to none.  The testimonials below are from real iForward students, parents, and alumni across Wisconsin who have kindly shared their experiences at our online school.  

 "I cannot begin to tell you how you proud I am that my daughter is graduating from iForward this year... Academics were challenging enough to allow the students to think for themselves, yet supportive enough so that they could succeed. Field trips are offered, teachers are caring, and administration is supportive. I have nothing negative to say...Parents should know that, just because it's an online school, it doesn't make it "easy" and parents/students still need to be held accountable. It works both ways. I highly recommend this school." - Erica, parent of iForward graduate

"Best 2 years of my life, all the teachers and staff are so supportive and because of that I'm a graduate!" - Madi, iForward graduate

"What an amazing online school. Students are held accountable, must attend live sessions daily, and the staff really cares about student success. Was a great alternative for my daughter who was facing some health issues." - Susan, parent of iForward student

"This is the best school I've ever been to. If it weren't for Iforward I would not be graduating this year. Thank you a million times to the wonderful principal Mr.Beesley and all of the staff, I will forever be grateful! It's been fun." - Makiyah, iForward graduate

"I love this school! The teachers and all staff are great. My daughter enjoyed this program since she could not enjoy the public schools. We were/are grateful we found IForward. I highly recommend. Thank you all." - Paula, parent of iForward student

"Before I was at iForward, my grades were dropping, and I couldn't concentrate, and I had trouble making friends.  Once I joined iForward it kind of boosted everything - my grades went straight up, I am now a straight A student, and I am done with school!" - Charlotte, iForward graduate

"My son would never have graduated in our local public school system. He's in college now, and could not have done it without Iforward. We are so grateful, and recommend this school to any student out there that is struggling in regular brick and mortar high schools." - Lyn, parent of iForward graduate

"I switched to iForward for a lot of reasons, but most importantly- I wasn't getting what I needed at a traditional high school. I hated being there, and it showed in everything I did there. Since coming to iForward, I have been so happy. The staff is so great and the teachers genuinely care about their students, something that I didn't feel at my traditional high school. iForward was truly probably the best decision I've ever made." - Katelyn, iForward graduate

"Love the caring staff at iForward. Our two boys were struggling in the traditional school system, but at iForward Online Charter School they have both found success, and love it!!!" - Deborah, parent of iForward students

"This school is amazing. My son did a complete turnaround. These teachers have patience and actually take the time to make sure students needs are met - thank you iForward staff for being wonderful!!" - Debbie, parent of iForward student

"I have really enjoyed this school for my children. I will be having my second child graduating from this school and will be entering my third child through them. I would recommend this to all my friends and family that is looking for a online school to go through." - Wynette, parent of iForward graduates

We believe that YOU have the potential to join the thousands of students and parents who have found success at iForward.  If you are a Wisconsin high school or middle school student or parent looking for the best online learning experience, we hope you'll consider joining us today.



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