Kim Ludwikoski
3rd Grade Teacher
Elementary School

My name is Kim Ludwikoski (Ms. L.). I am very excited to be a part of the amazing iForward team!
Enjoying time with my 3 sons as often as possible is on the top of my activity list. I am lucky to have grown up in
a very close family, we all currently live in the same city making it easy to celebrate birthdays and
holidays together.
By way of background, after graduating from UWEC, I was accepted into an Art Therapy Masters Program
at the University of Arizona. As a newlywed and young mother, I decided to focus on family instead of
pursuing my master’s at that time. However, my interest in art as a therapeutic tool remained. When I
reentered the workforce as a teacher, I immediately recognized that art could serve as a potent
mechanism for engaging and aiding students in a profound and personal way. My experience teaching in
core and special education classrooms taught me the myriad of ways creativity can be a conduit for
opening communication, overcoming obstacles, and building confidence in order to help each student
focus on and succeed in learning.
As a teacher, it is important to me to pull from my education and work experiences and never stop
looking outside the box to help each student find the best way to achieve their individual goals. I believe
my infusion of art and psychology in my teaching makes my classrooms a rich, welcoming, and safe place
for all my students to thrive.
I am looking forward to an amazing school year and getting to know all of you!